Why does a green card application get denied?
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Why does a green card application get denied?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2021 | Firm News

Applying for a green card requires accurate and honest information. Even so, this is not a guarantee the government will issue a green card.

There are many reasons why an applicant may not get a green card. While clerical errors on the part of the applicant or the government may occur, there are other, more common factors that lead to disqualification.

Health record

A green card application requires that the applicant meet certain health criteria. A health history form and exam are two requirements for fulfilling this part of the process. When one or both of these reveal disqualified conditions, the application faces denial. Communicable diseases and a lack of vaccination history are the main reasons people find themselves with a health record denial.

Criminal record

Part of the green card process requires a disclosure of criminal convictions and a background check. When either of these reveals violent, moral or drug-related crimes, the application will not continue. A conviction for prostitution is an exception to the moral conviction if an applicant shows he or she is the victim of trafficking.

Security threat

Some areas of an applicant’s history may either not add up or reveal deviant activities. The government may deny a green card to anyone considered a threat to security. This includes people who exhibit a penchant for racism, terrorism, espionage and ethnic cleansing.

A green card is one way to gain legal entry into the U.S. Understanding some of the common reasons these applications face denials may help those who do not meet qualifications.