Can I bring my stepchild to the United States?
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Can I bring my stepchild to the United States?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Green Cards

If you come to the United States and are here as a permanent resident, you may want to bring over your spouse and children, too. It can be challenging to bring your children to the U.S. if they are adults, which can be problematic. It can also be harder to get them to the U.S. if they are your stepchildren.

For stepchildren, it is more difficult to come to the United States due to restrictions on when their parent married a U.S. permanent resident. As a permanent resident, if you wed your stepchild’s other parent before your stepchild’s 18th birthday, then you may bring them to the United States through the usual steps taken for any of your children.

Stepchildren may not count as “immediate relatives” in all cases

It is important to note that when your stepchild is over 21, they may no longer be considered an immediate relative. If you want to get past this hurdle, you may need to sponsor them as a U.S. citizen. That means that you’ll need to meet the requirements for citizenship and become naturalized. At that point, you can sponsor your stepchildren once you’re an American citizen.

Can you bring your children over the age of 21 to America?

When your children are related to you biologically or through adoption, you can bring them to the U.S. when you’re a permanent resident so long as they are unmarried. You will need to be a citizen before bringing your married sons or daughters to the United States, so consider this if your child is looking into getting married into the future but would like to come to the United States to live.

There are many technicalities to immigration law. If you have questions about coming to the United States or bringing a loved one here with you, then you need to look closely at the law and may want to find legal support.